Pasco home flooded by sewage

Hurricane Hermine's effects still felt
Posted at 6:04 PM, Sep 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-12 18:04:09-04

The effects of Hurricane Hermine aren’t done yet. And this latest problem is downright gross.

An overflowing sewer caused the toilet in a Pasco County home to overflow and flood a home.

“Everywhere they put the blue tape is walls that have to be replaced,” said Michael Sederquist.

Sederquist’s Port Richey home is unlivable.

“We started hearing gurgling coming through the drains,” he said.

Around noon Sunday, the toilet and tub started to over flow, sending raw sewage everywhere.

“All the floors are ruined, carpets ruined. Pretty much anything that it touched. There’s a lot of damage to the walls, baseboards,” he said.

Pasco County officials said this neighborhood is prone to flooding, even days after the rain stops, because it’s in a basin.

“This is a basin and so a lot of water collects here. It looks for a path of least resistance, so it goes into our waste water system, said Utilities Operations and Maintenance Director Robert Marin.

Those sewers overflowed, and officials are still looking into how the sewage came back up through Michael’s pipes.

Monday they did install a flapper to keep any more of the nasty stuff out.

“Nobody wants that in their house that’s for sure,” said Sederquist.

The county said they’ve got trucks working around the clock to get the water levels in the sewer down, but Michael just wishes they started before his house flooded.

“They know they have a sewage issue over here. They wait until the last second until somebody’s home is already destroyed,” said Sederquist.

The county acknowledges the neighborhood has an old sewer system and it’s on on their priority list for an update.

Meanwhile, Michael is living in a hotel and doesn’t know how soon he’ll get to go back home.