Pasco County residents ready for wet weather

Posted at 11:23 PM, Jun 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-06 05:40:39-04

Pasco County residents are preparing for the possibility of serious flooding come Monday. Emergency management distributed more than 7500 sandbags

"We are going to flood in parts of Pasco County,” said Emergency Services Director Kevin Guthrie. “Our message today to residents is to be prepared.”

“That was Debbie, this was last August, and this was last July,” said Jim McClure pointing at marks on his wall representing the height the flood waters reached. “First it starts running fast, then it comes up, and it comes in here and then it slowly creeps its way through the house.”

No matter how many times it happens McClure says preparing for flooding off Elfers parkway in New Port Richey is nearly impossible.

“There will be fish and stuff swimming through the house,” said McClure.

Over the last seven years his home has flooded five times. moving possessions upstairs, motorcycles on jacks, sandbags and of course preyers are what he and most around him rely on when the flood waters eventually rise.

“Where your standing there you would have been underwater, probably up to your knees,” said Helena Fletcher.

Fletcher’s home last July was only accessible by boat. She says many people living in her neighborhood of Lake Worrell were counting on federal money to repair their homes, but it never came.

“It’s been pretty bad, we have maybe six families that are still out of their homes,” said Fletcher.

Local leaders were hard at work Friday, warning of the impending rains, clearing and draining retention ponds and preparing pump stations. However Fletcher says the county can only do so much putting the majority of the pressure on residents.

“I don’t expect if we have trouble the county to come out and bail me out,” said Fletcher who says he carries flood insurance even though she isn’t required to.

As for McClure living in Elfers, being ready is all a part of life.

“I’m sure it’s always going to flood, its just natural, I mean it flooding before any houses even here, I’m sure there’s no way to stop it,” said McClure.