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Pasco County residents concerned about flooding as they brace for Tropical Storm Elsa

County provided free sandbags
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Posted at 9:39 PM, Jul 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-05 23:38:25-04

PORT RICHEY, Fla. — Residents in Pasco County are bracing for Tropical Storm Elsa. Many residents have been preparing for the storm all day on Monday.

Preparing for adverse weather is something that many residents in Pasco County are used to, but many people said flooding can be a major issue.

With Tropical Storm Elsa on its way toward the Bay area, many people in Pasco County are doing what they can to prevent flooding.

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Many residents like Jennifer McDoniel came to Magnolia Valley Golf Course in New Port Rickey to pick up free sandbags to place in front of their doors to prevent flooding.

"We're sandbagging any entryway that water can't come in," said McDoniel.

The sandbags were provided by the county. McDoniel said preparing for this tropical storm is important because her yard can flood from just an afternoon thunderstorm.

"And I get water coming up to my porch." She lives in Hudson, which is close to the coast. "So, if that's going to give us 6-inches in 24 hours, I'm going to be flooded."

Some residents who are new to Pasco County are having to use sandbags for the very first time.

"I lived in Hillsborough, and I was on the highest land around. So, we never had water problems," said Joe Stonebreaker Sr.

We traveled through the Gulf Highlands neighborhood of Port Richey to see how residents there are preparing for the storm.

"I have the can goods and the water and all of that stuff," said Herbert Irwin who's lived in the neighborhood for two years.

Irwin says there's a flooding problem on Ashwood Drive.

"When you get a lot of rain, this water is like a river. It starts uphill and makes its way downhill," said Irwin.

In fact, back in 2019, Ashwood Drive flooded so much that one resident had to use a kayak to get around.

Irwin also says it's important to check in on your neighbors before and after a major storm.

"If you see someone who needs help, help them. Do what you can. We're all in it together," he said.

All Pasco County schools and offices will be closed tomorrow after 3 p.m. and all of Wednesday.