Pasco County prepares for a tropical storm

Posted at 11:14 PM, Aug 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-30 15:09:10-04

The Director of Emergency Services said they're getting their plan ready for the storm that is brewing in the Gulf and they want to make sure people are prepared too.

As of right now, their plan is to have an "all hands on deck" approach Wednesday.

Kevin Guthrie, the director of emergency services for Pasco County, said crews have been checking anything that is connected to their drainage system like reservoirs.

Guthrie admits their system needs millions of dollars of improvements, but he said they need people's help this week. You may remember last year residents expressed concerns after many streets flooded and after they felt stranded.

"We're going to have places that flood," Guthrie said.

Guthrie said it is important for residents to call them at (727) 847-2411 to report any issues like street flooding. He said their goal is to make sure water does not get into people's homes.

"What we want people to (do is) let us know. Let us know as soon as possible, as it starts happening, so we can try to get ahead of it," Guthrie said.

Shawne Green lives in Jasmin Lakes , which is located in New Port Richey. She said she has noticed a difference in the storm drainage system.

"I know it's better now whether it can handle what we have coming at us that remains to be seen," Shawne Green said.

Shawn Green said her house flooded in 10 minutes last year. The water destroyed 90 percent of what she owned.

"Anything that was sitting on the floor of the house we lost," Shawne Green said.

She said she couldn't live in her house for 9 weeks because crews were repairing it. She rents the home and she did not have flood insurance for her belongings. She learned from it and now her belongings are covered by flood insurance. She spent nearly $4,000 last year to buy new furniture and other items she lost because of the flooding.

Shawne Green said she is preparing now for the storm by moving items up from the floor.

"I would say don't wait 'til the last minute. (You) should start getting stuff up now," Shawne Green said.

She hopes other people are prepared too.

"I think we're okay. We're prepared, but you know, (you) can't …we don't know what Mother Nature is going to bring us," Shawne Green said.