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Pasco County family receives much-needed funds to help them adopt child

Posted at 12:41 PM, Dec 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-18 16:06:23-05

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — There are many families in the Tampa Bay area with the love and compassion needed to adopt a child but lack the money to make it possible.

The adoption process is expensive and can cost tens-of-thousands of dollars, so a Pasco County family that's been through the process is giving back so another family can share the same joy.

The Scharber family looks picture-perfect, but the husband and wife law team's journey didn't come easy. After giving birth to their son Brett, having a second child proved to be very difficult.

"I had a lot of issues getting pregnant, and it really took a toll on me, the whole fertility process, the unknown, the medication was very hard on me," said Melissa Scharber.

So Melissa and her husband Jarod decided to adopt, and along came Brynn.

"Essentially just completing our family, when we first met her and first held her and laid eyes on her we knew that she was meant for us and we were meant for her," said Jarod.

Throughout the process, the biggest surprise for the Scharbers was the cost of adoption. Fortunately, they could afford it, but they knew that wasn't the case for everyone.

"There are kids out there in need, there are families out there that want these kids, let's find a way to get over that financial hurdle," said Jarod.

So the Scharbers started a simple fundraiser selling T-shirts.

"The community was kind enough to come up with sponsorships, they wrote checks, they showed up, they bought shirts, they posted on social media, really promoted the idea of adoption awareness," said Jarod.

They ended up raising $6,800, and this week that money was presented to another Pasco County family, the Moores.

"It's been something that's been heavy on both of our hearts for quite some time, a lot of praying on it," said Robert Moore.

They already had two children but felt a calling for a third.

"We did end up getting pregnant with a third, but we did lose her, so that was just more of push when we did lose her that we are definitely ready for three," said Angela Moore.

The Moores are now on the waiting list, knowing any day, their lives could change.

They say it's a great feeling, and they appreciate all the support from the entire Pasco Community.

"A huge blessing to us to know that somebody else was understanding the burden, the finances, trying to adopt and how precious it is to adopt a child," said Angela.