Pasco County Animal Services removes 4 dogs, 17 cats from Spring Hill home

Woman surrenders animals in hoarding case
Posted at 9:13 AM, Nov 03, 2016

The Pasco County Animal Shelter now has 17 new cats and 4 new dogs after they took the animals from a woman's home.

The county's Animal Control Hoarding Task force received a complaint from someone who expressed concern about their Spring Hill neighbor owning too many animals.

The county limits pet owners to nine, not including livestock.

"She loves animals and she got overwhelmed," said Danielle Downes, a county animal control officer.

Downes says the animals all appeared to be in good shape and there were no signs of neglect.

The owner, Julia Mathis doesn't think the animals needed to be taken.

"They wasn't hurt, they wasn't hungry," she said, "I fed them good."

Mathis was able to keep nine of her dogs as well as a pig, goats and a horse.

Downes says they don't take livestock, however, doesn't plan to file a report on those animals because they appear in good health.

"I'm a good person," said Mathis, "I try to help anybody or any animal, you know, I take them in."

Officers cited Mathis for not having all the animals properly vaccinated.

Her neighbor Ronna Kistler is relieved to see the animals gone.

"I'm sure she meant no malice," she said, "but still, it is what it is and something had to be done and someone spoke for the animals."

The animals are now up for adoption at the Pasco Co. Animal shelter. If you are interested in adopting one of the dogs or cats, please call 352-521-5194.

The hoarding task force has taken in some 70 animals since October.