Pasco commissioner takes aim at predatory towing

Posted at 11:01 PM, Feb 29, 2016
The days of predatory towing in Pasco County are numbered.
A proposed law looks to allow those who have too much to drink to leave their cars behind without worrying out them disappearing overnight.
The idea is being spearheaded by County Commissioner Mike Moore.
"People shouldn't be penalized for making the right decision," said Moore. "Currently a lot of these parking lots having postings that say ‘tow away zones,’ and that’s what gives the tow companies the right to come and sweep the cars out."
Moore said he would like to make an ordinance that would prohibit tow truck drivers from taking cars left in bar and restaurant parking lots overnight.
Under the new law, vehicles left in parking lots overnight would be safe from being towed between 9 p.m. and noon the next day.
"I'm not letting a customer drive drunk, and if their car gets towed, I am going to be absolutely upset," said Ken Santo, owner of Skinny's Sports Bar in Wesley Chapel. "I want my customers making smart decisions and they shouldn't have to pay a couple hundred dollars to get their car out of the impound because they chose to take an Uber."
"It happens all the time, cost a lot of money and is an aggravation," said Joe Lux, a customer at Skinny's. 
Lux said he's had lots of friends make the right decision to leave their car only to find it gone the next day. He says the new rule change is the right thing to do.
"It gives you enough time to wake up, get your head together and go get your car," said Lux. 
County Commissioners have instructed staff to bring back similar ordinance examples from cities like Tampa before moving forward.