Ridgewood High considering strict dress code

Posted at 6:47 AM, Jun 30, 2016

The days of free dress could soon be over at Ridgewood High School.

"Since it's a public school I don't think a dress code to that extend is probably the right way to go," said Cheir Blanford.

Blanford's daughter is an incoming sophomore at the school and when they received the proposed dress code changes, they were a little surprised.

"She's very very much against it," said Blanford.

The dress code requires things like wearing only certain colored pants, only polo shirts except school sponsored and solid colored t-shirts. Maybe most disappointing of all for Blanford's daughter, no skirts, dresses or pajamas.  

"It does take away the individuality," said Blanford. "Part of the fun of going to school is you wake up and maybe you're tired that day and you can wear something 'bummy' or maybe you want to dress a little nicer one day, it's fun to kind of play around and wear different styles,"

But the school doesn't see showing your individuality as a priority.

"Just trying to help them understand to that yeah free expression is great but there's also times where you need to look professional or you need to look presentable," said Todd Cluff, the North West Region Area Superintendent.

Cluff says the school thinks it could increase student engagement based on similar dress codes in some Pinellas County Schools.

"The research that they're gathering is that it has a positive impact on climate and culture," said Cluff.  

That aside some parents we spoke with said it could hurt them financially to have to buy their child a new wardrobe.

Many expressing that in a survey sent out last week to parents. Still in the end the school says it will have the final say.