Dog reunited with mentally disabled man

Posted at 12:14 PM, Jun 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-28 16:47:55-04

A mentally disabled New Port Richey man was reunited with his dog after somebody took it on Tuesday.

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office said detectives were able to locate the suspect with the assistance of their Intelligence Lead Policing and social media. 

The alleged suspect, cooperated with authorities and gave over the dog willingly, but she insists its her dog. 

The woman posted to ABC Action News Facebook page that she lost the pitbull two years ago and that the shelter never notified her. 

Wynne and his family say they adopted Petey in July 2016 because they found out he was to be euthanized.

Detectives are working with the SPCA Suncoast animal shelter to get adoption records and they are tracking down the microchip contact information. The case is being forwarded to the state attorney's office to determine the outcome. 

At this time, Petey is residing with Wynne. 






The family was asking for the public's help to find their pit bull mixed breed dog.

According to a report, John Wynne was walking around the block from his New Port Richey home on Jenner Avenue when Petey got off his leash.

In the process Wynne said and a woman driving by got out of her car and snatched him before he could get to the dog.

The sheriff's office told us due to Wynne's disability, he was unable to provide a suspect description.

However, he recalled the dog being taken in a white four door model car.

Petey was adopted from the shelter and is microchipped.

Wynne's mother said she would offer a reward of her social security check, her only income, just to have his safe return.