Pasco 6 year old organizes food drive

Posted at 10:15 PM, May 06, 2016

"We did a toy drive, now we're doing a food drive," said Noah Vinot.

There are the six year olds that entertain themselves with video games and action figures, then there's Noah.

In November, instead of getting gifts for his birthday, Noah gave them away to less fortunate children.

Saturday, he hopes to feed the homeless.

"Our goal is one thousand pounds of food," said Noah.

He's not stopping at food either. Noah also hopes to raise $1000. His mom says if anyone can do it, it's Noah.

"He has always, always thought of other people, since he was very very little," said Noah's mother Kendell.

The little guy isn't afraid to ask for help either, even from the states highest office.

"He told the governor in a letter what he wants to do with the food drive tomorrow, so he asked the governor for help," said Vinot with a chuckle of amazement.

The food drive kicks off Saturday morning from 8 am to noon at the New Port Richey Elks Club

As Noah and his ideas continue to stand out from crowd, his mother hopes others might join him.

"One person can make a big difference, and he obviously is," said Kendell.