Neighborhood experiencing repeat severe flooding, isn't on FEMA flood zone

Pasco Co. residents fed up with waist-deep floods
Posted at 8:43 PM, Sep 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-03 11:53:15-04

Heavy rains following Hurricane Hermine continue to create flood hazards for a Port Richey neighborhood. 

Multiple homes around the intersection of Foxbloom and Glover Rd. could experience standing water in their homes. 

One family has been flooded out five times since they bought the house in 2010. 

“Tragedy, every single time. Because this is what we have to deal with every time," said Michaela O'Hara. 

O'Hara spent Friday vacuuming sopping carpet and cleaning up the garage and bedrooms due after flood waters made it inside the house. 

"It would have sat like this and then it would be moldy//because once it sits and it gets locked in there, the house stinks and you can barely breathe in it," said O'Hara. 

We counted dozens of drivers in SUV's and trucks taking a chance and driving through waist-high water, creating impressive wakes typically seen on a lake or river. 

But those wakes only caused further damage to properties in the area as driving pushes water in the street against nearby homes. 

"They jump in their truck, they come flying through here," neighbor Wayne Rothenberger complained. "They put water in the back of my house, they put water in this guy’s house. They creating more damage than there actually needs to be. It’s pissing me off.”

Despite the replica river swelling at the intersection, ABC Action News discovered the area is not a FEMA-designated flood zone. 

The feds list the location as prone to "minimal flooding." 

Residents say there is nothing "minimal" about the high water left behind on their streets.  

O'Hara's mother pays for costly flood insurance even though she doesn't live in a flood zone. 

"How could you fund this," O'Hara asked. "How could anyone pay for this?"

ABC Action News went to Pasco Co. Emergency Management officials to find out what can be done to minimize the aftermath of major storm events. 

We were told the county does have a plan to add hose and three pumps to a nearby reservoir to help prevent future flooding. 

But county officials could not tell us specifically when the project will start.