Florida sinkhole cleanup expected this week

Neighboring homeowners still need help
Posted at 6:21 PM, Jul 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-25 08:44:38-04
Emily Geldbaugh has been living with her son’s family for nine days, and while they love her, she knows it can’t go on like this.
“It’s really hard on us.”
“There’s having to worry about her animals. There’s also having to worry about her house, money and that sort of thing. It’s also trying to live in a house where we are having to put her into a living room because we don’t have an extra bedroom because we have a large family,” said granddaughter McKayla.
Friends and family helped Emily move most of her belongings out of the pink house last week. 
But the house itself represents her life savings.
“I want to see them fix this. I need a home to live in,” she said.
She said she can’t afford to keep paying the mortgage on a house deemed unsafe…AND rent somewhere else.
Emily said there are also a few cracks on the on the other side of her house. 
That’s why she wants her insurance company to come take a look and see if she can file a claim.
But Pasco County officials said because her house is marked as unsafe at the moment, her insurance company should take action.
“It’s just so much up in the air and it’s very disturbing,” she said.
Crews were here Monday doing core drilling, and looking at stability around the sinkhole.
They are also still working to make sure it’s safe for heavy equipment to get closer.
“I know they keep checking and they’ve been drilling. But they really haven’t had any action.”
Pasco County said they are working to help provide Emily with temporary housing. 
She said she reached out to the United Way, but doesn’t qualify for help.