Woman run over by boat, Investigators calling it a hit-and-run

Posted at 12:08 AM, Jul 28, 2016

"It was the scariest thing I've ever seen in my life, I thought I was going to lose the girl I love," said Kevin Pitman.

Pitman says his girlfriend Samantha Saunier is lucky to be alive.

"The whole boat ride back I just saw her getting blue and more blue," said Pitman.

Pitman, Saunier, her father and a few friends were scalloping in Homossasa bay Friday when Saunier was hit by a speeding boat while snorkeling.

"Just blood all circled around her, it look like something from a movie," said Pitman.

He says the boat kept going. Eventually chased down by a good samaritan.

Pitman says the boat that hit her was much faster than the boat they were on, so she was loaded onto that boat and rushed to shore.

She was taken to Bayonette Point Medical Center where she was told she had a broken pelvis and two deep lacerations from the boats propellor.

"She's got metal plates and screws in her hip now," said Pitman.

FWC investigators tell us the man who was driving the boat that brought Saunier to shore denies hitting her.

Investigators now ruling the accident a hit-and-run until they can prove who did it. Something Sauneir's father finds preposterous.

"I told the FWC officer at the dock that the boat that carried her in was the boat that hit her," said Todd Saunier.

Friends have set up a go fund me account to help pay for Saunier's medical bills. She recently started a new job but her insurance was set to kick in next month. Her father says he's trying to focus on the positives.

"I'm just happy my daughters alive, that's all I care about is that she's alive and she's not going to be paralyzed," said Saunier.

If you would like to contribute to Saunier's medical bills click here.