People spending money at Bay Area beaches despite storm threat

Posted at 6:07 PM, May 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-29 03:10:29-04

HUDSON, Fla. — Local businesses bracing for the financial hit of a tropical storm this Memorial Day say they were pleasantly surprised the weather wasn't worse.

Subtropical Storm Alberto makes landfall in Florida panhandle

People working and visiting Hudson Beach say they didn’t know what to expect this weekend.

"Very sad and depressed," said Gina Ferri who was visiting from New York.

Ferri says she was sad to learn Alberto would be visiting Florida at the same time as her.

"I’m glad we’re able to sit outside without an umbrella right now," said Ferri.

Sam’s Beach Bar manager Linda Guadagnolo says she stayed positive when she heard about the storm. 

"We prepare that we’re going to stay busy all day long, and then we’ll cut if we don’t need people," said Guadagnolo.

But they didn’t need to cut anyone. People filled the restaurant.

Just down the street at Hudson Ice Cream Parlor, workers were also surprised.  

"It was crazy, a line out the door. I thought we were going to have no one but we were slammed," said Linda Obenshain, Hudson Ice Cream Parlor employee.

And though there’s been a few showers to dodge, people are feeling thankful.

"I feel very blessed and fortunate that we have this weather when what’s going on just a few hundred miles away from us," said Guadagnolo.