Neighbors help 89-year-old woman after eviction

Hudson woman returns home
Posted at 5:56 PM, Dec 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-06 17:56:30-05

Angie Tyma is happy to be home. But she’s still distraught over the way she was evicted three weeks ago.

She said all her belongings were put on the front lawn before she had a chance to get them. Many items were damaged.

“He threw it all out, he made me lose everything,” she said.

Tyma lived in her house near Hudson Beach for 30 years. She sold it to a family friend with the agreement she could live out her days there. But when the home went into foreclosure, the management company that took it over wanted her out.

“Heartless, really heartless. They should die in hell. Sorry, I curse too you know,” she said.

Pasco County officials even stepped in to help, but they said the management company wouldn’t work with them at all.

“She never expected that they would actually throw her out,” said neighbor Danielle Calder.

But now Angie and dogs Pepper and Ralph are back home.

That’s because Calder managed to buy the house and rent it back to her at a reasonable price.

“I’m feel blessed. I’m blessed to be able to help her,” said Calder.

Friends also recovered as many of Angie’s belongings as they could including statues from Italy her mother passed down.

“Oh they didn’t break it. Oh my god,” she said upon seeing them.

“She’s a fixture in the neighborhood. And she’ll be back in it and this is exactly where she belongs,” said Calder.

Tuesday also happens to be Angie’s birthday. 89-years young.

“I still do the twist. I still keep up with all of you,” she said.