More than 20 Pasco homes damaged by storms

Posted at 10:17 PM, Jan 22, 2017

Strong winds and rain damaged more than 20 homes in Pasco County Sunday evening.

Pasco County Emergency Operations says most of the damage was minor, including awnings blown down, minor roof damage and trees down.

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One homeowner in New Port Richey had a 35-foot-tall tree crash to the ground and completely uproot. A neighbor describes the sound.

"Boom! Pretty much," he said.

He jumped out of bed to make sure everyone was okay.



"It could have been very dangerous because this is a highly-trafficked part of the street," he said.

In Hudson, Sea Ranch Drive saw more than 12 inches of flood water. Cars still continued to drive through.

One woman approached an ABC Action News crew telling us her home had just flooded for the fifth time.

"When it started coming in the house, that's when I really started to panic," she said.

A home in New Port Richey was hit hard by strong winds Sunday night. A large metal patio cover was ripped from the roof and into the air. The wind hurled the 15 foot by 10 foot awning over the home and into the front yard. Shingles from the roof were also ripped away spawning several small leaks inside. The homeowner sandy Coltrain says hit all happened without any warning.

"As I was looking out my sliding glass door, my patio cover lifted up and flew over my roof, and I was just you know in shock," said Coltrain.

Coltrain says contractors have been out to the home this morning and are estimating the damage at nearly $10,000.

Pasco County Emergency Operations said there are still various law enforcement, fire crews and public works crews out assessing and helping deal with the minor damage.