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Good Samaritan ends up hit-and-run victim in Holiday

Woman helping fallen biker hit by car
Posted at 5:24 PM, Jul 12, 2018

HOLIDAY, Fla. — Erica Glover says she’s in so much pain, taking care of her grandkids is really tough.

“I’m unable to pick them up and play with them, can’t do anything right now,” she said.

Glover says she seriously injured her leg Sunday night. As she drove on Sunray Drive in Holiday, she saw a woman fall off a bike, so Erica stopped to help.

After a few minutes, she says another car came speeding by, smashing her between her door and the car.

“I felt me just get crushed then immediately, I didn’t feel my leg,” she said.

Witnesses say the car that hit her and kept going is a small white 4-door, that should have a missing side mirror.

Christine Vanderhei is that stranger who fell off her bike.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked. It did not stop. It just kept going. Poor Erica, she’s going to be suffering,” Vanderhei said.

Meanwhile, Erica says she has nerve damage but is getting the details out on social media.

“I just hope they catch him. And just let him know, what he did was wrong. He should have stopped,” she said.

Christine says this all happened because of a pothole on Sunray that caused her to fall. Since the crash, the county filled that pothole.