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Fostering Change Foster Closet undertaking project to make sure kids are taken care of

Fostering Change
Posted at 6:23 AM, Dec 11, 2020
and last updated 2021-06-11 08:28:33-04

A Pasco County organization that helps kids in foster care is undertaking a new project to make sure kids need are taken care of and have a safe place to go.

“We give them whatever they need to keep surviving,” Fostering Change Foster Closet founder George Agovino said.

“Fostering change is an organization that helps anybody in the community, not even our community, whoever needs it,” he said.

But the organization particularly focuses on kids in foster care who have nothing. They can come to Fostering Change and get anything from clothes to diapers and even prom dresses for free.

“We are here 7 days a week," Agovino said. "We get calls at 2 in the morning from investigators, children are just coming into care they have nothing. No problem meet us at the lot.”

Agovino even writes checks from his own savings account to help kids in need.

The organization's next project is a building they’re hoping will be the new nonprofit child care center.

“A perfect place where it’s safe, and we’re going to have the STEM program, we’re going to have all these things that children are going to learn. It’s going to give them hope,” Agovino said.

Although the child care center is a big project to undertake, and the group doesn't have all the funds to build it, they're ready to do whatever it takes for the foster kids who need them.

“We are praying for, it’s a cliche, but a Christmas miracle," he said. "We’re spending money. We’re spending money to get everything going because we’re going to go ahead with it.”

Fostering Change Closet needs volunteers to help sort through donated items, but you can also donate cash online.

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