Flooding threat in Pasco concerns local residents, county officials

Posted at 11:32 PM, Aug 08, 2016

The threat of more rain in Pasco County has emergency officials making sure they have solid plans to help residents in the county.

"We did a lot of tactical planning today in preparation for what might happen overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning," Kevin Guthrie said.

Guthrie is the Director of Emergency Services. He said their storm water system is working better than last year. Last summer, there were major flooding issues in the county. Guthrie is confident they have a better plan in place this year.

"We're getting ahead of it. We're talking about things that need to happen should certain issues come forward (like) how are we going to respond to that (and) what are we going to do," Guthrie said.

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About 40 people are on standby in case the weather causes problems in the county. Regardless of what happens, those crews are scheduled to report to work earlier than usual tomorrow. Pasco County is predicted to receive a few more inches of rain over the next couple of days, on top of how much it has rained in the area already.

"The retention pond overflows pretty much every year, two to three times a year," Matthew Ray said.

Ray lives with his wife and two children across the street from the retention pond along Ironbark Drive. Last year, water got into their garage. This year, he placed sandbags in front of it.

"Every time it rains, you gotta look outside and wonder what's going to happen," Ray said.

He has homeowner's insurance and flooding insurance.

"If it rains tonight, like it did last night, the water will be at my front door when I get up in the morning, and we probably won't be able to get out of here," Ray said.

The county will reopen three sandbag locations, if anyone needs any sandbags. Guthrie reminds residents to report any issues to the county immediately.