Family members risk lives to save WWII veteran from house fire

95-year-old is in critical condition
Posted at 6:27 PM, May 22, 2017

Early Sunday morning there was terror for a family in Land O’ Lakes.

“Sir step back. I need you to get back for me ok. Head back that way. Let the firefighters do what they got to do,” a Pasco Sheriff’s deputy is heard saying on body camera video.

The home of 95-year-old Granville Kinsman was on fire. He was a WWII pilot in his younger days. As the fire tore through his house, Kinsman was trapped on the second floor. 

“Fire was coming from his room and I assumed the worst. I assumed he was engulfed,” his nephew told a deputy.

His son and nephew worked to get him out.

“My wife was yelling at me, you never run into a fire, but it’s when your grandfather,” his nephew told the deputy.

Through the thick smoke, Kinsman’s son, Scott ran upstairs. He found his dad outside his bedroom where the fire may have started.

“I pulled him down the stairs by myself. And I got him to the backdoor and my nephew came and we carried him the rest of the way out,” said Kinsman.

They got Granville out of the house where emergency crews took over trying to save him.

Granville is in the hospital, in critical condition. The House is destroyed. But everyone else is ok. 

Officials are still looking at what caused the fire. But as of now they said it looks accidental.