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Doctor's office on wheels helping seniors in rural areas get COVID-19 vaccine

Posted at 11:30 AM, May 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-19 15:45:12-04

HOLIDAY, Fla. — There are seniors living in Tampa Bay who have yet to receive the vaccine for COVID-19. The reasons vary, but it's as simple as needing a little guidance for some of them.

That's where Ready Med has been stepping in. It's a doctor's office on wheels.

The nurses are used to long country driveways since seniors living in rural areas are some of their primary patients.

"We are able to build that relationship with them, especially those who don't have family or friends in the area," said Autumn Palacz with Ready Med.

During the last six months, some of the most frequent questions for these nurses have been about the vaccine.

"Knowledge is power, and we want to help give them what they need, what they are not getting and make them feel more comfortable," said Jenny Flintroy with Ready Med.

One of their patients is Rita Dodson of Holiday.

"She was very concerned about leaving home, she didn't want to go anywhere, and she wasn't sure how to sign up for the vaccine or what to do," said Flintroy.

"When I saw it on TV I said, 'there is no way I'm going to sit in a car for four or five hours,'" said Dodson. "I wouldn't of gotten it; I was so scared because of what they said about a few people getting blood clots."

Ready Med helped put her mind at ease, first giving her the medical facts.

"Knowing the different vaccines and what is available to them and just giving them a lot of information," said Flintroy.

Then Ready Med went ahead and set up an appointment for Rita at a location that made her feel safe.

"She was going everywhere and then she found CVS right on Darlington on 19; she said that's close to home," said Dodson.

Ready Med said they have already helped more than 100 patients just like Rita receive the vaccine. They'll even drive people to get their shot if transportation is an issue.

"These senior patients are in remote areas where they don't have rides, and they sometimes don't go to the doctor," said Flintroy.

Dodson said without Ready Med, there's a chance she would have never been vaccinated.

"It's a blessing to have someone come and take care of you," said Dodson.

For more information on Ready Med or to make an appointment, go to or call 1-866-287-5482.