Deputy turns traffic stop into act of kindness

Takes needy family on shopping spree
Posted at 6:35 PM, Oct 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-12 18:35:19-04

When the Perez family first met Deputy Donnie Rizer, they were getting pulled over.

“All I could think was awesome. I just got pulled over and here’s probably a $200 ticket at least,” said Brittani Perez.

But Deputy Rizer saw a mother struggling. 

Her 11-year-old son Bernado in the backseat was upset because he didn’t have the clothes he needed for school. Classmates made fun of him because of it.

“He held up a pair of torn and tattered pants and that was all he had,” said Rizer.

The Perez family is having a rough time. They got evicted last week. Bernardo Sr. works nights, while Brittani is recovering from surgery.

“My situation is pretty bad. But it is getting better,” she said.

Instead of writing a ticket, the Deputy went to work.

With the help of Deputy John Hajj, they made arrangements with the Carrollwood Target, and took the family on a shopping spree.

They bought Bernado and his younger sister each two full uniforms, shoes, and new backpacks.

“I thought it was amazing. It was weird. I was like why did they do this,” said Berando Jr.

“It shows there is good out there. And there are people that actually care about one another, people that want to see people do better,” said his mother.

“It’s been bred in us since we were hired at the Sheriff’s Office, community first, community first. I just wanted to look past that traffic stop for this family and I think it worked out pretty well for them,” said Rizer.

Not only did the deputies give all those clothes to the kids, but they are also bought mom a full tank of gas.

Through social media, the deputies said they are getting offers from others who want to help too.