VIDEO | Dangerous chase caught on camera

Suspects try to ram deputy
Posted at 10:25 PM, Dec 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-16 22:25:05-05
This chase ended on Oconee Boulevard in the Moon Lake area of New Port Richey without anyone getting hurt.
“What their thought process is I need to get away from the deputy ,” said Corporal Kelly Endricks.
Endricks said it could have gone much worse.
“Typically they have no regard to the safety of others including us. Including everybody out there, the citizens, the motorists,” he said.
This chase started early Friday morning in Hudson when a black Mercedes with no headlights took off.
Deputies later found the car, but that’s when the driver tried to ram a deputy who was walking toward the car.
The chase went on at dangerous speeds reaching 115 miles per hour, even after the Pasco Sheriff’s office used stop sticks to damage tires on the Mercedes.
Eventually, the Mercedes had three blown out tires, hit a parked car, and came to a stop.
Deputies jumped out and arrested two guys in the car; the driver Cody Horan and passenger Danish Sial.
Sial has a tattoo on his arm that says ‘reckless.’
Oddly enough, the Mercedes the two suspects got caught in wasn’t the same one deputies initially tried to pull over.
Sial told investigators he called Horan for a ride after hiding his own car.
In the end the Sheriff’s Office seized both the Mercedes' and put the the two in jail.