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Crews fence off depression in New Port Richey

Posted at 6:36 PM, Oct 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-12 04:54:08-04

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. -- A huge hole is causing a headache for dozens in New Port Richey.

Pasco County leaders are calling the hole a depression. It’s at the Spring Haven Boulevard and Little Road intersection. According to county officials, crews began repairing it on Monday.

“It just looks like someone took a big bite out of the road,” said Kim Womack.

Womack lives nearby. She said she knows depressions and sinkholes are common in Florida, especially Pasco County, but this is her first time seeing one up close and in-person.

“It’s very scary,” she said, while snapping photos of the hole. “I’m worried. I think it’s going to get bigger.”

The hole is being blamed for bringing down a huge oak tree, part of a fence, a few poles with surveillance cameras on them and lights.

“It’s just crazy to see,” neighbor John Rollins said. “what if it spreads further down near the houses?”

The county is not responsible for fixing the hole because Spring Haven Boulevard is a private access road owned by the Spring Haven Condo Association. They did have their engineers on scene Wednesday, so did the Trinity Varsity Club Restaurant.

The hole is getting dangerously close to the restaurant, which is why officials had to close them down.

“We just reopened at 100% and brought our employees back,” said one of the managers. “Now, they are all back out of work.”

The Varsity managers are hoping their engineers can somehow fix the hole on their side so they can reopen.

But for now, the restaurant will remain closed, along with the road.

We’re told a geologist will be out to inspect the depression and determine if it’s actually a sinkhole.