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Court orders 2 Wesley Chapel subdivisions to stop using security bar at entrance gate

Posted at 5:37 PM, Feb 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-21 18:43:03-05

WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. — Pasco County has now ordered a local neighborhood to stop using a newly installed electric arm barrier in front of its entrance gate until further notice.

The county says the CDD for Meadow Pointe II did not get a proper permit for the barrier and installed it within just a few days.

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“It must’ve cost them a pretty penny just to put that arm up there,” said Natividad Cardenas, a neighbor in Meadow Pointe III.

And now, it can’t even be used.

A court order filed Friday is demanding the MP2 CDD leave the arm up because it’s, “causing dangerous traffic back-ups along Mansfield Boulevard.”

Order Granting Temp Injunction by wftsweb on Scribd

The gate and arm combined only allows one car to go through at a time into Meadow Point II.

Apparently they’re not consulting anybody and just jumping on whatever somebody tells them to do,” said Cardenas.

Neighbors in Meadow Pointe III, the subdivision to the east, says this is the second attempt to keep them from using the gate.

“I don’t know why all of a sudden they don’t want to be so neighborly,” Cardenas said.

A long standing agreement between MP2 and MP3 expired and neighbors say that’s when the drama began. Gate codes and remotes were deactivated which forced people living in MP3 to use another gate they say is out of the way.

“In the evening it’s worse because everybody’s going home about the same time,” Cardenas said.

MP2 officials installed a barrier in the middle of Wrencrest Drive two weeks ago that was quickly taken down because they didn’t have a permit, according to Pasco County officials.

But some neighbors in MP2 says something has to be done to slow people down.

“There’s just too much traffic coming through here to support both neighborhoods,” said Robert Vanacek, who lives in MP2.

He says it’s especially bad when he tried to pull out of his driveway.

“You look in your rear-view mirror and there’s no one coming by the time you get out there’s someone right there on your tail,” he said.

Pasco County says if MP2 doesn’t stop using the arm barriers they will come out and disconnect them.

You can read the full complaint below:

Complaint and Affidavits by wftsweb on Scribd