Couple recovering after car smashes into home

Posted at 4:37 PM, May 18, 2016
In what’s left of his parents' bedroom, Mike Wolter describes the moments after a car came crashing into their home.
“I was right there in the corner, busted out, my dad was laying right here,” he said.
His brother, John Zore, was home too, watching TV.
“I heard a big boom. Thought it was part of the storm. Thunder. But then I came out of my room, because I heard yelling,” he said
Investigators said a red Altima driven by Robert Doty blew through a stop sign and hit the home at full speed.
It crashed into Michael and Tory Wolter as they laid in bed.
Michael has two broken ankles. His wife was hurt, too.
“Lucky they are alive. That’s their bedroom. It went right through and pushed them into the next room,” said neighbor Frank Saraceni.
Wednesday a tarp covered the opening and Saraceni is amazed at the destruction.
“That’s brick and concrete. Blocks and concrete. He just put a hole right through it,” he said.
Doty didn’t hang around when deputies arrived. He ran from the scene, leaving behind his injured female passenger.
But he was later found at his home a couple minutes away. And he is sporting a bruise on his face in this mug shot.
He told the Florida Highway Patrol he left because he was on probation and scared. 
Investigators said he smelled of alcohol, but too much time had passed to charge him with DUI.
“You are going to sit and leave somebody for dead? Even through they are still coherent and speaking. He doesn’t even deserve a cell,” Wolter said.
Family tells us Tory Wolter is out of the hospital recovering from head injuries, but Michael Wolter is having surgery Wednesday to repair some of the broken bones in his legs.