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Candy Apple Queen of Wesley Chapel launches artistic Lottie-Pop Sweets candy apple business

LaChambra Jackson's great-grandmother was "Lottie"
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Posted at 2:46 AM, Jun 14, 2021

WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. — LaChambra Jackson is a mom, a wife, a grade-school teacher and the Candy Apple Queen of Wesley Chapel.

"I remember sitting on my couch thinking I really wanted a candy apple, but the fair wasn't around!" Jackson says. "So I'm not waiting for the fair! I made my own candy apple."

She posted her on-a-whim creations on Instagram.

Friends and family fell in love, asking if she were selling her sweets. Her answer?

"Well, no, but I can!"

And so she did. Her company is called Lottie-Pop Sweets, named after her late great-grandmother "Lottie" who loved candy apples.

A lot of trial and error and perfectionism goes into LaChambra's creations, edible creativity that never fails to amaze.

Her apples look like pristine holiday ornaments, so she often has to urge people to take a bite.

LaChambra would love a brick-and-mortar location someday, but right now she sells online only.

"I promise they taste as good as they look," Jackson says laughing.

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