Business owners step up to help tornado victims

Posted at 3:49 PM, Apr 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-08 18:35:30-04
Fortunately, no one was displaced by Thursday’s tornado in Port Richey but and handful of homes suffered major damage.
That would cost thousands to fix.
Unless you have some generous people in your community.
“I’m still a little bit in awe and shock,” said a Port Richey resident Victor.
Victor still can’t believe the force of the tornado that ripped up his pool cage and tossed it on top of the house.
And while friends helped get rid of the mangled metal, there is plenty of damage left behind.
But local business owners wanted to help with the polluted pool and ripped up roof at no cost.
“Neighbors are neighbors,” said Bill Thomas.
Bay Area Pool Techs is taking care of cleaning the pool, that still had rocks and roof tiles.
“Just people helping people, neighbors helping neighbors. It’s always good to give back to the community,” said Bay Area Pool Techs owner Rob Canizio.
“I figure it would take me months to do what these guys are going to do here in a few hours,” said Victor.
It’s also helpful that one of Victor’s neighbors owns J.A.T. Roofing.
“We are replacing some fascia board right now and we are fixing some tiles on his roof. It could have been worse,” said Thomas.
“It’s really nice to see the amount of neighbors coming together. They say out of some tragedies are some good things happen. This is definitely one of them,” said Victor.
They aren’t quite ready for pool party yet, but Tampa Bay Pool Techs will be back Monday to get the water looking nice and blue again.
And a reminder, also on Monday the county is helping out by picking up storm debris left out on the curb. They announced Friday, the debris pick-up will also continue in effected areas through Wednesday.