Bullet fired through windshield during road rage incident in Holiday

Police search for dark green Toyota or Honda
Posted at 11:17 PM, Jan 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-04 09:34:40-05

"It was gorgeous, the sun was shining, the sky was clear, we were getting excited for the celebration that night," said a woman who Pasco County investigators say was in a road rage incident New Year's Eve. We aren't revealing her name to protect her identity.

She says the peaceful day was shattered later that day by the sound of gun fire.

"We both came within six inches of dying," she said.

She says on that day, she, her brother and a roommate were moving furniture to a new house when an aggressive driver began harassing her along Seven Springs Blvd in Holiday.

"This loud little car came out of nowhere and cut me off," she said.

She says she immediately slowed down to give the car space.

She says the car then shot to the left lane attempting to weave through slower traffic.

"A little ways up the road I noticed he was right on my bumper again, thats when I look down to see the speed and slowed down cause its a residential area, I don't want to hurt anybody, and apparently that angered him, " she said.

She says seconds later a gunshot rang out. The rear window shattered. The bullet traveled out the front windshield narrowly missing she and her brother. After quickly pulling over and checking on everyone in the car, she says a sharp pain went through her shoulder.

"The glass had shattered and came with such force that it went through the clothing I was wearing and embedded in my shoulder," she said.

She says the car immediately sped away.

Investigators say they're looking for a 2 or four door dark green Toyota or Honda with a loud muffler and a chrome emblem on the back trunk.

"I'm hoping that there's someone out there that saw more than I did, that can say hey this is the accurate description of the this car, this is the description of the driver," she said. "He needs to be off the streets for the maximum amount of time so this doesn't happen to someone else,"