Animal trapper Chris Wirt says heavy rainfall and birthing season has snakes turning up

Posted at 4:31 PM, Aug 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-11 09:39:14-04

In kitchens.

In garages.

In living rooms.

Chris Wirt, who owns and operates A All Animal Control, says he is going on dozens of snake removal calls around the Bay area.

The juvenile snakes are starting to hatch, the black racers, their eggs are hatching," said Wirt.

Other snakes are physically giving birth this time of year, including cottonmouths and eastern diamondbacks.

Couple birthing season with recent heavy rains and this is spelling trouble for some Bay area homeowners in terms of unwanted, scaled houseguests.

"Water drives them out of the marsh area, looking for dryer ground so they get up into the garages, they get up on to the porches," Wirt said.

Wirt explained they also find their way into your homes through sliding glass doors, open windows and even cracks in the foundation.

He says to avoid these critters coming in, you should:

  • Close your garage door
  • Close sliding glass doors and windows
  • Make sure seals around your house do not have any cracks
  • Have snake repellant sprayed around your home

"It is not harmful to pets or people or children, it's 100 percent organic," Wirt explained.

Depending on the size of your house and the amount of lawn you have, cost will very.  Wirt says the repellant lasts anywhere from four to six weeks and starts at a cost of $200.

Wirt added if you encounter a snake and do not know anything about snakes is to back away from it and do not approach it.

"A lot of the bites that happen, happen when people are trying to kill a snake," Wirt said.

Wirt recommends calling a professional.