Suspensions handed after Tarpon Springs brawl

Posted at 4:43 PM, May 25, 2016
We now know the punishment 10 students will face for their roles in a fight Tuesday at Tarpon Springs High school.
Some parents say it was sparked by bullying while other parents have concerns about how the school is handling the situation.
The 10 students were suspended from school for three days and will be required to take anger management classes, according to a parent of one of the students involved in the fight.
On Wednesday four school resource officers were on campus to keep students safe. Parents were thankful for the added protection but told ABC Action News they’re worried nothing is going to change.
"At one time we could send our kids to school and relax. Now you send them to school and worry if they'll come home or not,” said Gloria Kilgore, a grandmother of a 10th grade student at Tarpon Springs High.
After four fights at the high school this week and a slew of posts on social media using #fightweek, parents are becoming increasingly concerned.
The fight involving the 10 students happened Tuesday around lunch time. Parents were first notified about it by a voicemail from the principal.
The fight forced the school into a modified lockdown.
The Pinellas County School district told Action News of the 22 other fights this year. Three of them were considered major enough to report to the state.
"It just scares you to death, and I can't even believe it’s happening," Kilgore said.
Administrators aren't saying what sparked the latest fights but some parents are calling it bullying. "It’s been going on in our schools and also in our neighborhoods," one parent said.
Others blame parents for not doing their jobs.
"They're not raised right anymore like we used to be," Kilgore said.
While extra officers on campus will keep fights at bay for now, some parents say unless the trouble makers are gone for good, nothing will change.
"I think they need to take them out and put them in a different school,” said Laura Gaffier.