EXCLUSIVE: Mom of little girl who lost legs in mowing accident now home after own amputation

Posted at 7:34 PM, Oct 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-17 19:34:09-04

Nicole Nugent is finally home after a longer than expected stay in the hospital. The mother of six is courageously accepting her new life, one without her right leg.

"I know it sounds weird but I was like 'thank you God can we end this,'" said Nugent.

The mom suffered a rare infection and battled it for a year after attending a charity event for daughter Ireland. Nugent said tainted water got into a cut on her foot.

"We did every surgery in the book we really did try," said Nugent.

And then, with little warning doctors decided, they needed to amputate.

"We were hoping to leave a little bit more of a stump but we weren't able to," said Nugent.

Nugent knew the process well after going through it with Ireland. Her daughter lost both legs after Ireland's father accidentally ran over them with a riding lawnmower.


Nugent's thankful Ireland, only 2 at the time, doesn't remember it.

"It was unimaginable pain for me," said Nugent.

A three day stay in the hospital turned to nearly two weeks.

"I would wake up for a second and then start screaming and trying to grab my legs," said Nugent.

Steve Chamberland knows exactly how she feels. He lost his leg in a motorcycle crash.

"Your foot is not there but you still feel the pain," said Chamberland who is the founder of 50 Legs, a nonprofit  providing prosthetics.

He first met the family when Ireland was rushed to the ER. He's been by their side ever since and has fit Ireland with 10 legs since the accident in 2013.

Chamberland will now be there every step of the way for her mom

"I think she and Ireland are here for a reason," said Chamberland.

Nugent thinks so too. She hopes she and her daughter can inspire others, even when life takes a cruel turn.

"Now that I'm with her. We will be a force to be reckon with," said Nugent.