'Death Valley' drivers say stretch of U.S. 19 is extremely dangerous

'Death Valley' drivers say stretch of U.S. 19 is extremely dangerous
Posted at 5:59 PM, Aug 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-03 02:32:46-04

Drivers know it as “death valley”, it's a road so dangerous people refuse to drive down it! Now, people who live, work and drive in Palm Harbor and Tarpon Springs are begging for change after yet another fatal accident.

The stretch of US 19 between Curlew Road and E Klosterman has seen thousands of crashes.

Diane Pinkston lives and works near that area of US 19, “It's scary yes, it's really scary.”

The highway in this area is so busy, and dangerous, that Anila Sima and others often avoid it.

Sima owns a hair salon along US 19, “It makes me sometimes think I don’t want to drive there, but I don't have much choice,” she explained.

“You can definitely end up in a huge accident really fast,” Pinkston said. Both women say the number one topic inside their hair salon is how difficult it is to safely drive down US 19.

After a man died walking across the intersection at US 19 and Alderman Monday, drivers are fed up. “We talk, talk talk, but how not taking actions to help and stop prevent these things,” Sima added.

FHP tells us within the past 5 years, the 5 mile stretch along US 19 from Curlew to E Klosterman has seen nearly 2,000 people hurt and 17 killed.

Diane Pinkston lives and works near US-19. “Every time I hear a siren it breaks my heart and makes me cringe.” FDOT tells us they’re already planning to add a pedestrian overpass at US-19 and Curlew, but drivers wonder what more can be done to keep them safe too.

John Miano, who lives off us 19 asks, why nothing more is being done, "It is pretty mind boggling that nothing is being done about it.”

They’re urging state leaders to make changes before someone else loses their life along the “Death Valley” stretch.