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Big raccoon finds it's way onto Palm Harbor woman's vanity

Posted at 8:48 PM, Sep 19, 2018

PALM HARBOR, Fla. — It's larger than a cat, even bigger than a lot of dogs. But, in this case, the raccoon not braver than Sue Mikelson's two pets: Sophie and Rocco.

"He's a mellow 14-year-old cat who doesn't get into fights," said homeowner Sue Mikelson.

But Rocco jumped into action after he and Sophie heard a noise.

The raccoon getting onto the lanai through a tear in the mesh.

"All of a sudden Sophie jumped and bolted for the porch because he was getting in through the porch and she started chasing him through the house with Rocco," said Mikelson.

The raccoon scurrying to safety on the top of the vanity, Sue rushed to a neighbor for help.

"She was knocking really loud. Betty! Betty!” said 91-year-old Betty DiDonato,

DiDonato, first tried luring the animal with food.

"I know they love bread and I thought that might entice him. But it was too scared," said DiDonato.

Eventually, the women called for back up. Pinellas County deputies even snapped selfies with the unwelcome guest before shooing him out of the bedroom window.

"It was an exciting morning!" said Mikelson.