Largo waives permit fees to speed up post Irma cleanup

Posted at 6:31 PM, Sep 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-20 18:49:51-04

Hundreds of families are still cleaning up the damage Hurricane Irma left behind.

Now, one local city has a new plan to save you time and money as you scramble to put your house back together. Largo is waiving single family home permit fees for emergency repairs to fences, A.C. systems, roofs and windows. They’re also waiving fees for the demolition of destroyed mobile homes, sheds and carports. 

If you have a huge tree to get rid of, no need to pull a permit at all.

They’re also waiving permit fees for emergency roof repairs for all commercial and multi-family units. 

Business tax receipt renewals have also been pushed back from the October 1 deadline to November 1. 

The permit fees will be waived for 30 days until October 19. 

It’s a big help for Largo resident Cam Cuneen who says a miracle kept a downed tree from destroying his mobile home. “It’s incredible our home wasn’t destroyed,” he explained pointing to the roof area where a 150 year old oak crashed down. 

“We got to work fixing it right away. I mean to have to wait for the permits…you’re looking at months,” he added.
On average the permit fee waivers will save homeowners $100 on each permit. It will also help the entire Largo community, where 57 mobile homes were destroyed by Hurricane Irma, 967 buildings were damaged and 148 were majorly damaged.
Nancy Polinsky-Walker hopes the fee waivers helps speed up repairs around town.

“Oh I very much hope so. Every day it gets better and better and more back to normal,” she said.