6th grade teacher arrested for child pornography

Posted at 4:18 PM, Mar 28, 2017

A 6th grade math/social studies teacher has been arrested after child pornography was found on his laptop.



Robert James Plotkin, 57, has been teaching math and social studies at Clearwater Intermediate School for five years.


Parents tell ABC Action News, they are shocked to learn a man they trusted to teach dozens of students is now in jail. 

"Disgusting," said Mary Bouderau. "Disgusting. I think it's it's appalling." 

On March 15, his roommate called the police after finding child pornography on his computer. While Largo police were on the way, Plotkin threw his laptop into a lake behind the apartment complex.



When officers arrived, Plotkin admitted the laptop was in the lake and got it back for the officers without being asked.

The computer was taken as evidence, where a cyber crime investigator was able to retrieve the child pornography images, which included minors aged between 3 and 17.

"Surprised, for one thing," said Devera Jones. "That's kind of close to home."

Jones, who's son is a student at the middle school, now hopes the longtime teacher gets the lesson of a lifetime from behind bars. 

"It's good he's locked up," said Jones.  "I hope he can sit back and learn from his experience that what he did was wrong, very wrong." 

He was arrested and charged with ten counts of child pornography and one count of tampering with physical evidence.

Largo Police Dept. confirmed none of the pictures on Plotkin's computer were of any students at Clearwater Intermediate School. 

The school district told ABC Action News that Plotkin passed all required background checks and has a clean record as a teacher. 

If released on bond, he will not return to a classroom and will work at a non-student location. If convicted of the crimes, a district spokesperson says Plotkin will be fired. 

Watch the full news conference from Largo PD below: