Deputies search for person who shot a peacock with a 3-foot-long arrow in Dunedin

Peacock found in Dunedin impaled by arrow
Peacock found in Dunedin impaled by arrow
Posted at 11:26 PM, May 13, 2018

DUNEDIN, Fla. — A peacock was found impaled by a 3-foot-long arrow in a Dunedin neighborhood Friday. 

Pinellas County deputies went door-to-door Sunday asking neighbors questions, hoping to find out who did it. 

It is a love-hate relationship in Green Briar Estates with the peacocks. Some people want them to stay. Others want them to go. But almost everyone can agree that shooting arrows is extremely dangerous, because it could injure a person.

The birds are not shy about making themselves known either. They are all over the neighborhood.

"Easily in in the morning and before sundown a good 9 to 11 usually come around,” said Diane Nagle, who loves seeing the males spread their feathers. "They’re really friendly birds and everybody generally likes them and they are part of our community.”

They are also very loud. 

"If you haven’t heard it, the peacock calling is more like a scream, and it can carry for over a mile. For some, the calling can transform a simple walk around the block into an imagination-filled expedition through a jungle,” said Rick Chaboudy, with Suncoast Animal League. "To others, it's an alarming, obnoxious noise that is a constant reminder of their disdain for their feathered nemesis."

Nagle is horrified by what happened.  

"We took them to the vet and had the arrow removed,” said Chaboudy, who says the bird is expected to be OK.

He says they are considered nuisance animals, but thinks shooting one with an arrow is crossing the line.

 "How would you like to be sitting on your front porch and an arrow comes whizzing by because they missed peacock,” he said.

"People walk all around with their little children, children play in the street if they’re aiming at peacocks with BB’s and arrows someone else could get hurt,” said Nagle.

Chaboudy doesn't know how to solve the peacock debate, but says there's got to be some sort of peaceful resolution. 

"Somethings got to give. And I’m afraid someone’s going to get hurt,” he said.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the peacock shooting. If you know who is doing this, please call them at (727) 582-6200.