Salon giving away free wigs to women battling cancer

Posted at 11:25 PM, Nov 22, 2016

Family dinner is around the corner.

 "I really like red, and I like the curls," said Michelle Pirolo.

 And Michelle Pirolo wants to look her best. Even when life becomes a challenge

"You kind of lose your identity a little bit, and your sick, you don't feel good, it can be devastating," said Pirolo.

Pirolo is on her second bout with Ovarion Cancer. Chemotherapy taking its toll on her body and especially her hair.

"Seeing myself without hair is just kind of a sad reminder of the journey that I was trying to be on," said Pirolo.

But Tuesday, that sad reminder is covered in red or blonde or whatever else Pirolo desires thanks to La Posh Salon in Clearwater.

Boxes of high quality wigs offer hope to women just like her and there's no charge.

"I see a lot of women going through cancer and losing their hair and they feel like they're losing they're beauty," said Hair Specialist Andrew Ashton.

Ashton is changing that. Sculpting, trimming, even braiding hundreds of locks, restoring confidence every step of the way.

Rewarding work for Ashton, but for Pirolo and many like her, its one more victory, in a battle she's determined to win.

"It means the world, its changed my life and I'm so appreciative," said Pirolo.