Police officers help rescue beached whale

Posted at 8:35 AM, Jun 05, 2017

Treasure Island Police Officers rescued a young beached whale on Sunday morning on Treasure Island Beach.

The whale was approximately 7 feet long and weighed around 400 pounds. The exact species of whale is unknown at this time. 

Volunteers from the Clearwater Marine Aquarium have taken the whale to SeaWorld for further assessment.  

Sgt. Aaron DeShay of the Treasure Island Police Department held the whale upright in the shoreline to ease its ability to breath until further help arrived. Another officer worked with volunteers to keep track of breaths from the whale to assist with monitoring its progression.

A small pod of similar whales were seen circling the area approximately 200 yards off shore.

"As whales are social mammals, it is likely they were searching for their lost pod member. We are hopeful for a full recovery and its safe return to the Gulf waters," said Jeff Jensen with the City of Treasure Island.

The whale is now being cared for at SeaWorld Orlando.

They say he is 325 pounds and in critical condition with around the clock care. The park says it is trying to figure out why he beached over the weekend. He is being rehydrated with fluids, is on antibiotics and is receiving assisted feeding for nutritional support.

The park says they will continue to monitor him and provide the best care possible.