Managers need to hire ASAP for Clearwater's newest resort

High benefit jobs open at beach resort
Posted at 5:52 PM, Jan 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-18 17:52:37-05

There's an exciting addition to Clearwater Beach. The 343 room Wyndham Grant resort has just opened.

Every morning, Meghan Johnson looks forward to buttoning that unmistakable uniform. That's because for four months, Johnson couldn't find a job.




Especially not one with the benefits she needed to support her young son and husband, long-term.

"It was definitely stressing him out and it was really taking a toll on our marriage," she said.

Her situation changed two weeks ago after getting hired.Now, she helps guests at the lobby.

"Bills, bills are being paid!" she said excitedly.

Johnson is one of nearly 250 people recently hired by the resort. Despite today being it's grand opening, its got ways to go in getting fully staffed. There are around 60 open positions. With the hotel already getting sold out, management needs to hire ASAP.

"The pay is going to range from $10 to $24 an hour. Overtime is available. Also, healthcare, dental, vision, paid holidays and they'll also match 50 cents on the dollar for your 401(k). It's not just the benefits. We've created a great environment for people to work in," said David Yamada, general manager. "It starts at the top of the company and comes through as we hire individual staff members."

For Johnson, this is exactly the type of quality job she was seeking.

"It's easier when you are able to buy food for your child and for your family and not have all the stress on just one person," she said.