Healthy food comes to Countryside Little League

Posted at 6:07 PM, Feb 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-17 18:07:53-05

If you're rushing to get to little league games, healthy food options could be waiting at the concession stand.

"Fun Bites" will launch at the Countryside Little League's stand this weekend and this revamp could be coming to your baseball field next. 

After a big game, 11-year-old Michael Coleman needs a drink and a snack, but now what he grabs could actually be good for him.


"I feel like dehydrated because I'm like really thirsty. I get thirsty a lot," he said. "I think healthy would be amazing food to eat and it would help it probably digest a little bit better." 


Countryside Little League is the first in Pinellas County to offer "Fun Bites," snacks and meals lower in calories, fat, sugar and salt. The Centers for Disease Control is funding this grant. The Florida Department of Health and the City of Clearwater are putting it into action.


They're not getting rid of fan favorites like hot dogs, but they're adding healthier options. 


"There are some nights when some families come here and this is their meal for the night and it's not necessarily a snack. This is their meal so it's important in our view as the board, as the league, to provide healthier options to our families," said Matt Werner, president of Countryside Little League. 


They'll offer fruit, veggies, whole wheat pizza, grilled chicken sandwiches and juices. They're even adding yogurt Dippin' Dots. For families like Michael's, who spend up to to five nights a week at the ballpark during season, it's good to have options. 


"It's good to give them something that will give them back some energy and some vitamins versus straight sugar or junk," said Michael's mom, Ouida Klutz.


This stand is a test. Then the Health Department said the program could expand to others in Pinellas County. 


If you're not heading to the little league game, look for "Fun Bites" at the Sea Blues Festival in Clearwater this weekend. You'll see items offered at the food stands there.