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Clearwater leaders approve plan to stop illegal parking

Posted at 8:25 AM, Dec 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-27 08:28:30-05

Clearwater, Fla. — After years of complaints Clearwater city leaders believe they've finally found a way to stop beachgoers from parking on the north end. But, some homeowners still aren't happy.

City council approved several new measures at their work session last week. The plan is to take down the beach access signs at four of the public beach spots on the north end. You will still be able to access the beach there, but not park.

"Well i can understand it because if I lived here I wouldn't want all of the traffic here either," said Gina Cantrell. "It is kind of nice to be able to just stop to get views without having to walk far."

The city also plans to get rid of the meters on Mandalay Ave, and putting up "residential zone, no beach parking" signs at the entrance to the subdivision.

Patt Magee, and many of her neighbors don't like that move.

"We have no place foro ur company to park," she said. "It does make it hard and taking away those meters will just make it worse."

Some neighbors mentioned covering the "no parking" signs when they have guests over, but the city says that's illegal.

"But that is the only solution I could see how we could possibly make it work," said Magee.