Beach goers call for barricades after drinking man speeds down beach

Posted at 10:54 PM, Jul 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-21 23:11:11-04

Beach goers are still in disbelief after witnessing Ryan Stiles drunkenly speed through the sand on Clearwater Beach Thursday.

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Police say he jumped a curb only a few inches tall at the end of Papaya Street before mowing over chairs and umbrellas and endangering hundreds. 

Some are now questioning if more can be done to prevent future incidents along popular beach access points.

"I never thought someone was crazy enough to do that," said Christian Zaki, who is vacationing in Clearwater Beach from Canada.

Zaki and his family are staying in the high-rise condo right next to where this hell-raising ride began.

Zaki believes it's time for the city to act.

"They should probably put a barrier up for the safety of the people on the beach, that would be really smart of them to do," said Zaki.

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ABC Action News set out to find if any beach access spots have barricades to keep vehicles out. 

We found wooden boards and concrete posts at the end of Somerset Street, but in most spots, there's nothing dividing street from sand.

"They need to take more precautions on the street, the beaches," said Debbie Gatson, vacationing with her family from New York. "I think there should be more concern about that."

We asked city officials if they'd consider placing bollards, like the ones placed outside the Cleartwater Police Department, at the end Papaya Street.

A city spokesperson tells ABC Action News, "Some entrances have more access than others. The city uses some entrances to get maintenance on the beach. There hasn't been any discussion about putting any barricades at this entrance. Sometimes you will have bollards that are installed in front of buildings or like a long beach walk to keep vehicles away from pedestrians."