Seniors soar in World War II Boeing Stearman

Posted at 5:31 PM, May 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-17 17:31:25-04

A group of seniors is tackling their latest, daring adventure.

“I saw this and I thought that’d be cool,” Fran Stanton said. “Snoopy on the Red Dragon, you know?”

She's 87-years-young and one half of a daredevil couple.

“I’ve been up in some planes but not like this one,” Dick Stanton said.

That change Wednesday, when both Fran and Dick Stanton flew in a 1941 biplane, checking off another adventure together.

“Because I’m crazy,” Fran said laughing.

“That keeps us young, it’s what you have to do, you have to keep active to keep young,” Dick said.

The pair met at St. Joseph's John Knox Village Retirement Community and go on adventures they have for the seniors. They have gone on hot air balloon rides and indoor sky diving.

At 96-years-old, Dick ties for the oldest passenger in this biplane. It is from WWII, a piece of history, the couple remembers.

The joy on Fran's face erases any fear of this flight.

“It was wonderful, I’d do it again, yeah, that was cool, that really was, you were right!” Fran said.

With words of encouragement from his wife, Dick takes the flight he's waited more than 9 decades for. He's a natural, waving to his friends and beloved wife, with just one complaint.

“Too short, otherwise it was perfect,” Dick said.

“It’s better than playing bingo! You’ve got to look at it that way,” Fran said.