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WWII veteran completes his final mission

WWII veteran gets Tampa homecoming
Posted at 11:49 PM, Aug 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-26 23:49:24-04

TAMPA, Fla. -- A World War II veteran had to complete one final mission for his wife of 72 years: Get her safely from New York to Florida to live out their last years surrounded by family and friends.

Robert Yevich served in the Pacific Theater as a quartermaster. His ship nearly sunk by Japanese forces.

"Kamikaze they called them just missed the bridge of where I am," Yevich said. "I was a quartermaster I steered the ship it just missed us."

Yevich didn't talk about the war, and many close family members didn't know until recently he actually served.

Yevich is writing down his war experience for his grandchildren to read once he is gone.

"A lot of my secrets are hidden on the paper I wrote for my grandchildren to open them up when they are old enough to realize what went on," Yevich said. "I want them to have it to see what I went through in World War II."

His son Andrew Yevich said his dad is very humble.

"I consider them the luckiest generation," Andrew Yevich said.  

Andrew said he didn't know if his parents were healthy enough for the move. But, he was able to fly to New York and bring his parents back to Tampa. 

They outlived the life they had in New York.

"Over the years they've lost a lot of family they've lost a lot of friends," Andrew Yevich said.  

The Yevich's are celebrating 72-years of marriage. The last year, one of their most difficult as Joyce, 92, began showing the signs of dementia. 

Monday is marking a new beginning for the family.  

"I feel good because I'm with my family around me," Robert Yevich said.