Website claims to tell you if a robot will take your job

Not everyone is buying into the claim
Posted at 5:25 PM, Apr 20, 2017

It's hard to look too far into the future to see if a robot will soon take over your occupation, but it should be considered of what could be.

That's why a website is claiming to weigh the likelihood of whether a robot can do so by giving a percentage of how much it can do. 

So, we were curious, how about teachers?

According to in collaboration with management consultant McKinsey, teachers are safe. 

Car mechanics, not so safe.

Neither are artists.

According to the site prediction, craft artist careers are probably not safe, saying 85 percent of the job can be done by a robot. Everything from applying finishes, crafts or displays. 

We took the idea to local artist Landon Mac, who makes rings from antique coins, quarters, and military coins. 

Let Freedom Rings is a business that is taking off from the living room in his Brandon apartment. The jewelry artists makes 200 to 300 rings in a busy month for customers. 

"I don't think a robot could replicate this," he said.

Mac went on to say it takes a genuine creativity and attention to detail to create the custom jewelry. 

You can learn more about the rings by clicking here.