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Vultures dumpster diving for food, clogging up Westchase park

Posted at 4:09 PM, Jun 20, 2019

TAMPA, Fla. — Dumpster-diving vultures in West Park Village are on a mission to find food and have left homeowners and residents concerned about their health and safety.

Rick Goldstein, Westchase Community Association VP, believes that it's because restaurant owners are not properly closing their bins.

"We should not have vultures and strewn garbage. It's a health hazard, there will be rats, vermin and all sorts of things," Goldstein said.

He says the hungry birds dive into the dumpsters for food and then hang around a nearby park as they eat.

"I mean I don’t blame them, the bins are open and they want a free lunch and said they’re going to go and do it," said Goldstein.

Homeowners and residents are not pleased with their company.

"There are kids playing here and people working out and stuff, so it's definitely not good to have vultures everywhere," said Charlie Pennington, who lives across the street from the park.

Goldstein says he's contacted code enforcement and they came out. Officials with the county asked the property owner to clean up loose trash and put in proper enclosures. They said they'd be back out on July 5.

Goldstein will be at the shopping center Friday with someone from code enforcement to come up with a solution.

"I think they need to find a better way to lock up their trash, whether it’s finding a better dumpster, a better location for them," said Pennington.

"Under my watch this is not acceptable, it’s not tolerable and we will do everything we can to make sure the integrity of our community is assured," Goldstein said.

While ABC Action News was at the property, a maintenance man raked up trash and closed the bins. Goldstein would like to see that everyday.