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USF combining science and marketing to revolutionize how items are sold to consumers

Posted at 11:56 AM, Dec 03, 2019

TAMPA, Fla. — The University of South Florida is combining science and marketing in a way that could revolutionize how items are sold.

It looks like science fiction, but it’s really just the newest tool businesses will be using to figure out what their customers like and what they don’t like.

The MUMA College of Business just opened up a new lab with 20 stations, all equipped with the latest facial expression, eye tracking and skin response technology.

“For a market like Tampa we are such a dynamic diverse market place and we are in the perfect spot to be able to take advantage,” said Dr. Robert Hammond with The MUMA College of Business.

Research subjects are asked to look at different restaurant menus on the computer and after only a few minutes sensors are able to document what items they focused on and what emotions the subjects were feeling regarding those items.

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“What are the dominate patterns because if we can determine how you are going to interpret the menu, businesses have a better chance of understanding where to put information,” said Hammond.

USF is currently researching an anti-vaping commercial campaign.

“Looking how when people watch these anti-vaping videos, how are they feeling, are they feeling afraid and trying to avoid vaping or are they actually being brought into the vaping,” said PHD Candidate Luke Liska.