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Two dogs at veterinary ER after eating popular but poisonous Florida plant

Dog owner Linette Drake is warning other pet owners
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Posted at 3:14 PM, Mar 25, 2019

BRANDON, Fla. — Two dogs who belong to a Brandon pet owner are fighting to survive after eating a popular but poisonous Florida plant.

“She is Kenobi’s shadow and they are as thick as thieves already,” said dog owner Linette Drake of Brandon.

Two-year old golden retriever, Kenobi, and 12-month old golden doodle puppy, Basil, are buddies doing everything together.

Local vets warn about toxic plants after dog nearly dies from accidental poisoning

Now both dogs are in Blue Pearl’s emergency vet clinic after nibbling on a plant their mom had no idea is poisonous.

“We didn’t know. We didn’t know,” said Drake.

Both dogs violently vomited and showed other unusual symptoms like heavy drooling.

“He started salivating, like St. Bernard salivating, and I thought, ok, this isn’t right,” she said.

Drake took both dogs to Blue Pearl in Brandon, which was key because she did so early.

“More prolonged signs can develop up to 48 hours later and usually at that time, there isn’t a whole lot we can do,” said Blue Pearl’s Dr. Taylor Poppell.

Kenobi and puppy, Basil, are still being treated with charcoal and liver medication.

But they are still fighting to survive.

It’s why their owner wanted to let other pet owners know to get rid of sago palms or at least keep your pets away.

“I would just feel awful if this happened to somebody else’s dog,” said Drake.