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Twins born early celebrate 2nd birthday with medical staff who helped them

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Posted at 8:44 PM, Jun 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-11 23:24:57-04

TAMPA, Fl.-- — When Kingston and Koen Marks arrived at AdventHealth Tampa Thursday, it was for an extra special visit.

At the place where they spent nearly the first five months of their life in the NICU, they now celebrated their 2nd birthday with the people who helped.

“It meant a lot to me just to be able to bring them back just to be able to share this moment because they shared the original moment with us,” said their mom, Kyra Marks.

“It’s only right it’s only fitting we bring them up here to see them because they were a part of our journey as well,” said their father, Ron Marks.

They were born early, at just 23 weeks, no larger than the size of their father’s hand.

“The first few days it is very hard to have a micro premie to keep them stable,” said Bobsie Skelton, a nurse who helped take care of the twins.

The place and people became a second home for the Marks. So for their second birthday, those caregivers held a celebration, where they were able to see how the boys had progressed.

“This is the first time we have really seen them since COVID didn’t allow them to come in so it’s really great to see them and how they have progressed,” said Skelton.

Bobsie greeted them at the car with big hugs for the family. They've kept in touch since the twins went home.

"For me it is just it makes my heart smile that they can walk they’re learning to talk they’re doing all the normal things as a normal child so that is for me the best thing," she said.

So with smiles, songs and stories, they created new moments for the twins.

“I feel overwhelmed with joy and excitement now look at them and how far we’ve come,” said Kyra.

“God. That’s the only message I have,” said Ron.